Terrine of goats’cheese

    with roast red pepper marinated in balsamico with orange and carrot jelly

    Tiger prawns Pirri pirri

    on garlic and pepper butter

    Fresh smoked salmon

    with horseradish sauce and tartar of beet-root

    Grilled goose liver with wine pear

    slices of smoked duck breast, calvados jelly, almond mousse and cardamom-chocolate glace

    Carpaccio of beef tenderloin

    with basil pesto, parmesan, mushrooms and lettuce

    Tartar of beef tenderloin

    With quail egg, fresh onion and caper



    Beef broth

    with semolina gnocchi and vegetables

    Chicken broth

    with liver dumplings in herb pancake and Brunoise vegetables

    Light garlic cream

    with olive tapenade and toasts

    Light cream of Canadian lobster

    with small pieces of deep-fried fish


    Main Courses

    Roasted sirloin in cream sauce by Dobromila Rettigová
    with dumplings
    Beef goulash

    with grilled pepper, chorizo and bacon dumpling

    Beef cheeks

    in red wine with mashed potatoes with dill and vegetables

    Farm beef steak

    on the mushroom sauce with deep fried green beans, cream spatzle

    Argentinian roast beef

    with herb butter, shallot demi – glace and smoked potatoe

    Pork tenderloin with potato rissoleé

    sauce of roasted pepper and pea-parmesan ice cream

    Lamb knuckle

    with creamy spinach, roasted polenta, chorizo and garlic demi – glace

    Chicken Crépinette

    with spinach and carrot on celery puree with grapes and candied nuts

    Baked salmon with sundried tomatoes

    with quail egg on a potatoe salad, green beans and olive tapenade

    Pork belly steak

    on bacon glace, green beans and mashed potatoes

    Tiger prawns

    on the sea weed salad with chillie sauce, honey and pomelo


    Pasta, risotto

    Tagliolini aglio olio e peperoncino
    Italian risotto

    with pieces of mushrooms, parmesan and truffle oil

    Tagliolini with lemon and basil



    Caesar salad with chicken breast

    Roman lettuce leaves with croutons, bacon, grilled chicken and Caesar dressing

    Lettuce leaves

    with vegetables, pieces of grilled salmon and prawns



    Créme bruleé


    Children´s meals

    Chicken breast in cream sauce with dumplings
    Fried chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes, smileys and stewed peac
    Semolina porridge with butter, grated chocolate and nuts